Finally joined the reading revolution!

Alas, 'tis true. After declaring point blank that I would never buy an e-reader I caved. I'm now the proud, and somewhat amazed, owner of a shiny Kindle Fire. Why am I amazed? I'm amazed it's taken me this long to get one if I am to be totally honest. I like reading. I have to admit I'm a very slow reader though. I get distracted. I can't help it. I've always been that way. I find it hard to settle down and focus, but I maintain that I enjoy reading. Some people buy books because they like the idea of having them. Some people buy books because they think they look nice on the shelf. Others buy books to make themselves appear more intelligent than they actually are. I buy books to read them. It just takes me a bit longer than everyone else.

Most people I know own a Kindle. My GRANDMOTHER owns a Kindle. They swear by them. They're always saying how good they are. 'Oh you can carry so many books'. What the hell for? You can only read one book at a time!

I'm halfway through the Song of Ice and Fire series, and if you don't know the books, they're pretty big, heavy and bulky. I recently took a trip and took the current book I'm reading with me. Big. Heavy. Bulky. It began to annoy me having to carry it around. I'd have to get it out of my bag, find my page, I'm sure I read this bit...Oh the book marks fell out! Hassle.

So when I got home I started thinking about Kindles. I'd seen a few people with them while I was on my travels and I have to admit they did look easier to handle than my 600-page hulking paperback.

I went online and read some reviews. Watched a couple of videos, the usual stuff. I was liking what I was seeing. So I decided to go for it. Went to the nearest outlet and purchased one.

Within a couple of hours I was off and reading. Account set up, Kindle set to how I wanted it, and a couple of book's downloaded after a bit of fumbling about. I'm actually writing this blog on it as I lay in bed. I can hear seagulls in the distance and the dogs snoring in the hallway downstairs.

What took me so long? I should've learned from previous experience. When touchscreen phones came out I avoided them. Then I got one and loved it. When tablets came out, I avoided them too. Until I got one. Now I wouldn't be without it. This particular Kindle is a tablet as well with many more features than your basic Kindle. I didn't buy it to show off though. It's just the one I liked.

Will I be using it as a tablet? Will I sync my email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts? Short answer: no. My tablet and phone are cluttered enough with that lot. I have enough trouble keeping on top of those, clearing junk mail and adding and removing people. This is a Kindle first. So that'll be it's primary function. I say that now though, ask me again in a few weeks.

All in all I'm very happy with it, If and plan on taking it wherever I go. If there are any typos in this blog I do apologize. It's 2:30 in the morning and I'm very tired. I did read a whole book yesterday afternoon. That's a massive achievement for me :)