My First Blog...

Hi! Welcome to my blog. Ok, before I go any further I have to admit something: I'm ver new at this, and to be honest I always thought blogging was ridiculous, I'll admit it. I did. I never saw the point of it. I use the internet all the time, news, travel, keeping in touch with friends, the usual stuff, and to be honest blogging never really appealed to me. I had nothing against those that blogged, it just never seemed worth the effort to me. Over time though, the more thought I gave it, the less ridiculous it got. I found WordPress and began reading random blogs, just clicking on anything and reading it.

I discovered a lot of really interesting blogs, some very nice photographs and some really nice stories. After reading them I decided I wanted to get involved. So yesterday, nearly a month after finding it, and after some serious reading. I set my own up. I'm still finding my feet with it granted, but what was I afraid of?

I suppose it could be the fact that I didn't feel I had anything interesting to say, but others do it. People blog about anything and everything, so any tips or pointers would be appreciated. I'll probably just keep it random until I find a thread though, or I might just keep it random full stop. Either way I've got a blog, and I never thought that'd happen. The next test will be to see if I can keep it up, and then a further test will be to see if I can keep it interesting. I can only do my best. For the moment I'm aiming for a weekly update, unless I really get the urge to write about something.