Here we go!

So my first website is alive and kicking! Took two weeks to set this thing up. I'm still not so sure about the er...pastel purple background though. Anyway, why's this site here?

Because I've been told I need to organise myself a little bit!

If you've seen the welcome page you'll probably be aware that I write the occasional blog, and take the occasional photograph. I blogged on Wordpress (admittedly not much) and posted my photographic efforts to my facebook page: which you should definately check out, just click the link.

If you'd like to see my blog on Wordpress just click this link:

So why build this website?

Well everything is starting to seem a little bit all over the place. I have blogs here, photo galleries there, and nothing central.

Until now that is!

I've purpose built this website so I can keep everything in one place. All together. Blogs, photographs and things I'm hoping to add in the future. It'll hopefully make life easier, I'll be able to create more content, and you, you lovely people, will be able to find it and view it quickly and easily with no fuss. That's the theory anyway! I will absolutely keep the Facebook page going as well as all my other Social Media stuff - check the Contact page for all that.

So that's it! Enjoy the site, stick it in your bookmarks, and I'll be posting to Facebook as more content appears.

Dave C. Bannerman